The Haitian American Historical Society (HAHS) is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to studying and
verifying the history of the Haitian experience in America. It shares this rich history with the
people of North America, especially Haitian youth, in an effort to engender pride in the
Haitian community and foster a better understanding of Haitian history throughout North


The Haitian American Historical Society (HAHS) was founded on the premise that education
leads to better understanding, cooperation and pride. The HAHS carefully investigates and
studies Haitian American contributions to the history and growth of Haiti and America. Each
reported historical account is verified and then added to the authenticated historical record.
The HAHS hopes to bring together Haitians, Haitian Americans and the general American
populace around these historical events and further to foster better relationships among
those populations. The HAHS sees this as a bold and ambitious goal, but one worth taking the
time effort to work toward. HAHS is especially concerned with educating the next generation
of Haitian Americans about their rich cultural identity. Many cultures are in peril of losing
their identities and connections to their past. Haitian Americans are not immune to this
acculturation. The HAHS hopes to see national pride grow alongside better understanding
between cultures.